Celebrating our 2020 Award Recipients!
With 2020 bringing with it a year of change and new challenges, we’d like to take this moment to highlight some of the many inspiring dietitians who have excelled, even in the face of adversity.

We hope you had the chance to attend our Virtual Awards Ceremony today, as we acknowledged our 2020 Award Recipients. Please join us in congratulating our award winners.
2020 Life Member: Ruth Dumont
This year we are delighted to welcome Ruth Dumont as a Life Member. Ruth as been a member of Dietitians Australia for more than 40 years and has made a significant and long-standing contribution to the profession, particular as a leader in renal dietetics.

Congratulations Ruth!
Fellows of Dietitians Australia:
Dr Suzie Ferrie, Dr Sara Grafenauer and Lisa Yates
We are proud to welcome three Fellows of Dietitians Australia (FDA): Dr Suzie Ferrie, Dr Sara Grafenauer and Lisa Yates. The FDA credential is awarded to high profile and proactive leaders who are recognised both nationally and internationally. Suzie, Sara and Lisa have made an outstanding contribution to nutrition and dietetics in Australia, the wider community and to the Association – read more about their achievements.
Outstanding Contribution Award and Barbara Chester Memorial Award: Dr Lynda Ross
Congratulations to Dr Lynda Ross, recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Contribution Award. This award recognises major and sustained commitment to the profession at a national level over three years. Thanks, Lynda, for your on-going contribution, particularly in research and innovation to teaching and training.

We’re also pleased to congratulate Lynda, as the recipient of the 2020 Barbara Chester Memorial Award. This award is presented to a Queensland member to recognise their outstanding contribution to dietetics in the state.

Young Achiever Award: Lina Breik
This award recognises leadership and outstanding service from younger members of the profession – and this year, we’re proud to congratulate Lina Breik on this achievement! As a critical care dietitian, Lina has driven professional education, research, and improvements to clinical care, cementing herself as a future leader of the profession.

President’s Award for Innovation: Robbie Clark
Congratulations Robbie Clark, recipient of the 2020 President’s Award for Innovation! In a year of change and virtual healthcare, Robbie has been leading the way as a digital health advocate and educator, particularly through the creation of HealthBank, an all-in-one practice management system and telehealth platform.
National Award of Merit: Donna Hickling
Congratulations Donna Hickling, recipient of the 2020 National Award of Merit! Donna is recognised for her national contribution to both Dietitians Australia and clinical care of transplant patients.
Branch Award of Merit
Congratulations to the following Branch Award of Merit Recipients, who have demonstrated outstanding contribution at the Branch level:
  • Jenna Stonestreet
  • Jordan McCamley
  • Louise Elvin-Walsh
  • Louise Moodie
  • Marie-Claire O’Shea
  • Marion Vasudevan
Congratulations to our long-standing members
We’re proud to congratulate our members who have been with us for 30 and 40 years. Thank you for your on-going dedication and contribution to the profession!
30 Years:
  • Anne McMahon
  • Carole Rainsford 
  • Felicity North 
  • Janet Howells 
  • Judith Williams 
  • Kerri Hunt 
  • Kerry Leech 
  • Milton Jacob 
  • Selena Chan 
  • Virginia Fox 
40 Years:
  • Claire Hewat 
  • Elizabeth Spencer-Fawell 
  • Glenn Cardwell 
  • Jennifer McQueen
  • Dr Rosemary Stanton 
Top-Altmetric Result for the 2019 Impact Factor Citation Window
Congratulations to Dr Cherie Hugo and authors for receiving the Top-Altmetric Result for the 2019 Impact Factor Citation Window for their article titled: What does it cost to feed aged care residents in Australia?
Top cited Paper for the 2019 Impact Factor Citation Window
We’re pleased to announce two recipients for this award:
Thank-you for joining us in celebrating our award recipients. For more information about awards and prizes, please visit our Celebrating Member Achievements webpage. 

Congratulations to all of our 2020 award winners! 

Dietitians Australia