GluteGuard: Protecting Against Unintended Gluten Ingestion

GluteGuard: Protecting Against Unintended Gluten Ingestion
This webinar is brought to you by the Dietitians Australia Food Allergy and Intolerance Interest Group (2018).

Webinar Description:

This webinar will discuss research on gluten contamination in commercial foods, trace gluten and commercial innovations to address contamination. Mr. Ezequiel Pena will follow with the scientific research on GluteGuard, an enzyme supplement which helps to digest inadvertent contaminant gluten.

Speaker Bio:

Ezequiel Pena: Ezequiel worked in various industries in the area of management and marketing before becoming part of the Glutagen team in 2016. His studies in industrial engineering and marketing, together with his management experience and innovative spirit gave him the necessary tools to help develop GluteGuard. Ezequiel is currently coordinating Glutagen’s research and product development, working with international key opinion leaders in the area of gluten sensitivities and helping to introduce GluteGuard to international markets. Ezequiel’s vision is for Glutagen to be a conduit for innovation, bringing new concepts and technologies to provide tools for the management of gluten sensitivities and coeliac disease.

Kim Faulkner-Hogg: Dr Kim Faulkner-Hogg is an AdvAPD in private practice and in the Allergy Unit at RPAH. She holds a PhD in Coeliac Disease and the effects of the minutia of gluten in the gluten free diet. Kim has over 20 years experience treating Coeliac Disease and food intolerance and has helped define the FSANZ low gluten and gluten free food standards.
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