Temperament: Influence on Behaviour Change

Temperament: Influence on Behaviour Change
This webinar 'Understanding Temperament and its Influence on the Behaviour Chance Process' is brought to you by the Dietitians Australia Health, Behaviour and Weight Management Interest Group (2018).

Webinar Description:

This webinar has been designed as a first step in this process. It’s goal is to provide insight into the relationship between temperament and eating behaviour and the counterintuitive reliance on unhelpful habitual behaviours, that are always at the expense of highly desired weight management and chronic disease outcomes.

Webinar Aims:

This webinar has the following aims:
1. Introduce a dietitian-led, temperament-based approach to behaviour change.
2. Briefly educate clinicians about the physiological, psychological and neurological processes that are hypothesised to lie behind failed behaviour change attempts.
3. Increase clinician understanding of the difficulties that clients face when they are asked to change their eating behaviour and improve weight management & chronic disease
4. Foster clinician empathy and patience towards their clients.


Lynette Mackey: Dr Lynette Mackey has completed a PhD that investigated the relationship between temperament, eating behaviour and BMI. Since the completion of her PhD, she has been working to provide clients and practitioners alike with an overarching model of why behaviour change in weight/chronic disease management is so difficult for some. She undertook this challenge to reduce the stress and angst encountered by both clients and practitioners as they work together to change behaviour and improve health outcomes.
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