Personalised Nutrition

Personalised Nutrition
This webinar is brought to you by the New South Wales Branch (2019).

Webinar Description:

Personalised nutrition has taken a whole new meaning since the developments of nutritional genomics sciences, and the discovery of food constituents with molecular activity, previously unknown. The way we produce clinical evidence in order to guide evidence-based practice guidelines is being sometimes re questioned; because a group’s mean response to an intervention in a randomised controlled trial does not indicate much about the individual’s response (or non-response) to the intervention.

Speaker Bio:

Dr Veronique Chachay is the coordinator and lecturer of the nutrition science courses at The University of Queensland. Her nutrition science expertise is applied in a wide range of research fields, including regulation of energy expenditure via brown fat activation, dietary factors modulating alpha diversity in inflammatory bowel disease, and energy intake meeting requirements in motor neuron disease. Join her for this webinar to cover all aspects of personalised nutrition!
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