How to Present Your Skills to Get That Non-Clinical Role

This webinar is brought to you by the DA Education Centre (2021).

Do you realise how many skills you gain through your dietetic degree?

Have you ever thought about how these skills might help you get a job outside of clinical dietetics?

Do you find it difficult to promote your skills to future employers?

Emily Fitt never thought she would find that her dietetic skill set could land her a job in sales and account management, but they have! Emily is passionate about helping other dietitians understand what their skills are and how they can promote them to future employers in order to land a job outside of clinical dietetics.

This webinar aims to help dietitians:

- Increase their knowledge on the jobs that may be available, outside of clinical dietetics
- Understand what skills they have and how they can highlight these to future employers to gain a role outside of clinical dietetics
- Learn about what job opportunities, outside of clinical dietetics might be out there that compliment a dietitian's skill set
- To interpret job ads / key selection criteria and how typical experience can be presented to meet those roles which may be outside of clinical dietetics (e.g. project management, communication skills)


Emily Fitt is a qualified dietitian with experience in healthcare, public health and food industry. With foundations in clinical dietetics, Emily carries a unique skill set that is strengthened by experiences in sales, relationship management and stakeholder engagement. Advocating for hospitals, workplaces and food industry to prioritise nutrition within their organisation, Emily has extensive experience in translating the latest nutrition research and insights into viable commercial outcomes for organisations. Emily is particularly passionate about developing innovative nutrition solutions for the food industry within the food service channels.

This webinar is worth 1 CPD hour.

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