Food Security from an Indigenous Perspective

Food Security from an Indigenous Perspective
The webinar is brought to you by the DA Education Centre and the DA Policy and Advocacy Team (2021) as part of the 'Advocacy Insight' Complimentary CPD Campaign.

Topics discussed will include:

- Global concern about food security
- Causes: biodiversity losses, population growth, threat of climate change
- Food security statistics for First Nations Peoples of Australia and associated risks
- Determining factors
- The value of Traditional Ecological Knowledges and Indigenous Peoples globally being the guardians of 80% of global biodiversity
- Cultural food security, food sovereignty, Indigenous food sovereignty
- Community driven, based and led interventions and activities are key
- Cultural Responsiveness and Humility is necessary


Tracy Hardy is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who combines community-based nutrition, guest university lecturing and public speaking with creating culturally centred workshops, programs, resources and recipe development for community based, not-for-profit and corporate organisations and training for health professionals through her business, Wattleseed Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing. Her research experience focusses on cultural safety of community-based nutrition interventions, traditional food systems and Indigenous food sovereignty. Tracy has held leadership positions on several local and national advisory committees and served on the Board of Indigenous Allied Health Austrlaia, a national, member-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander allied health organisation and now Dietitians Australia. Tracy strongly advocates for the health and wellbeing of First Nations Peoples of Australia, ensuring and supporting the provision of culturally safe and responsive nutrition and dietetic care and research, as well as strengths-based, community led community driven nutrition interventions.

This webinar is worth 1 CPD hour.

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