Assessing the Environmental Impact of Food

Assessing the Environmental Impact of Food
Assessing the Environmental Impact of Food: Methodological considerations and implications

This webinar is brought to you by the Dietitians Australia Food and Environment Interest Group (2021).

Dr. Brad Ridoutt, Principal Research Scientist from CSIRO Agriculture and Food, has been working on the environmental impact of food systems for over a decade. He will share with us the different ways dietary impacts can be measured. Which method is most appropriate? What environmental aspect should we focus on improving? Is local food or a vegan diet the answer? He will highlight the complexity in selecting and interpreting research in this area and the challenge of translating it into evidence-based dietary advice and policy.


Dr. Brad Ridoutt is a Principal Research Scientist with Australia's national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). His expertise is in life cycle sustainability assessment in the agriculture and food sectors which is used to address strategic challenges in relation to climate change, water scarcity, sustainable food systems, and sustainable diets. Dr. Ridoutt is engaged in a range of international processes relating to the standardization of sustainability assessment and environmental labeling. His research is creating the main evidence base concerning the environmental impacts of dietary habits in Australia.

This webinar is worth 1 CPD hour.

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