Australia's Pioneer Dietitians. The first decades (pbk)

Paperback - Australia's Pioneer Dietitians
It was a turbulent time in Australia from the end of the Great Depression to World War II and post-war reconstruction. Discover this inspirational history of the pioneering dietitians from 1929 to 1950. Their beginning was not without controversy so also includes important stakeholders such as governments, home economists, nurses, and medical academics.

In 1950 the Australian Dietetics Council was formed when dietitians across Australia came together to discuss mutual issues and, in hindsight, some contemporary issues have their antecedents in these early times.

This history is placed in its socio-political context and honours the early Dietitians of Australia who strove so hard to achieve the basic tenets of the modern profession.

This attractive 320-page paperback book by Beverley Wood includes a multitude of portraits, illustrations, and references.

Proceeds from sales go to the Dietitians Australia History Fund and assist with future publications.