Renal Nutrition for Dietitians

Renal Nutrition for Dietitians
The Centre for Advanced Learning (CAL) is excited to bring you the Renal Nutrition for Dietitians Evergreen Course.

Audience: this course is designed for dietitians with 1 – 3 years’ experience in practice. This course can also be used as a refresher if you are returning to practice within this area.

Learning outcomes:
  • To understand and describe the role of the kidney in health
  • To differentiate between the different stages of chronic kidney disease
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the important biochemical markers of kidney disease and implications for nutrition assessment
  • To understand the nutritional implications of kidney disease

Course overview:

Over 3 modules, this course provides information, resources, recommended reading and case studies to enhance your active learning experience.

Module 1 is called 'Renal refresher'. The aim of this module is to provide a deep understanding of the pathophysiology and theory behind medical nutrition therapy (MNT) in kidney disease.

Module 2 is called 'CKD in private practice'. The aim of this module is to develop your skills to interpret, translate, and apply medical nutrition therapy (MNT) and models of care to improve nutrition outcomes in early chronic kidney disease in the outpatient/private setting.

Module 3 is called 'Management of acute kidney disease'. The aim of this module is to develop your skills for interpreting, translating, and applying MNT and models of care in the acute care setting for acute kidney diseases (AKD).

Access to the course: new registrants will be automatically uploaded to the Learning Management System (LMS). Instructions for accessing the course will be included in the order confirmation email. Registrants will have access to the course for 12 months from their enrolment date.

Format: Evergreen courses are entirely online and self-paced.

CPD hours: this course is worth 30 CPD hours.

Certificate: upon completion of the course, you will be able to download your Professional Certificate from the LMS.

Purchase options: by purchasing the full course package, you will receive access to all 3 modules.

Pricing: Dietitians Australia members $299 | Non-members $599

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