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Why does the APD Program Participation section only have space for me to enter 2020 CPD area of practice, learning goals and outcomes?

We have listened to your feedback, and a new simplified CPD process has been launched for 2021. You can now log your area of practice, learning goals, and outcomes in the member portal online CPD log alongside your CPD activities, and all of your entries can be edited. As this was for 2020 CPD only and is no longer in use and doesn't affect any future years.

How do I edit my area of practice/learning goals and outcomes/CPD log activity?

All the entries in the CPD logs 2020 onwards tab can be edited, simply click the edit button next to the entry you wish to edit, and a pop up window will appear that allows you to edit the entry.

Do I need to enter my CPD online?

The preferred method of recording CPD for the Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) Program is to submit online via the member portal, however you can continue to record your CPD in a manner which can be readily produced, if requested to do so. 
Please note it is mandatory 2.5 hours per month of CPD an APD is active. For an APD who is active all year, the requirement is a minimum of 30 hours with 1/3 dedicated to professional competence.

If you choose to keep your own records, evidence of all relevant requirements outlined in the APD Handbook must be kept, including:

  • The date and duration of the CPD activity
  • The CPD module the activity falls under
  • A brief description of the activity
  • If the activity relates to your professional competence
  • A reflection about each activity
  • Your learning goals and outcomes

If you are randomly selected for the annual APD audit and have not completed your online CPD logs you will be required to submit evidence of your CPD via the online system, within 14 days of the initial request.

If you choose to keep your own record of your CPD you need to keep it for 5 years.

Do I need to submit my CPD logs online if I want to defer in 2023?

Yes, you do need to submit your CPD logs online if you want to defer in 2023. You need to have completed sufficient CPD based on the number of months you were an active APD. If you choose not to log your CPD online, you need to keep a record of this CPD (including learning goals and outcomes), and include adequate information such as date of the activity, duration of the activity, the CPD module the activity belongs to, a description of the activity, and a reflection on what you learned from the activity that you can produce upon request from Dietitians Australia, and this will be required upon your return.


Areas of Practice
My specific work setting and/or area of practice are not listed in the drop down menus, what do I do?

Choose the work setting and/or area of practice that most reflect your role, you can include more specific details in the notes section.

What current area of practice do I select if I have multiple areas of practice within the one current work setting?

You can enter multiple entries for your area of practice. If you work in one work setting across a number of areas of practice you can enter them as follows:

Do I have to enter my areas of practice in each year?

No, if your areas of practice remain the same you do not need to enter your areas of practice each year. If you have recorded a ‘Year Start’ date but no ‘Year End’ date, it will be assumed that your area of practice is still current.

When do I use the ‘Year end’ field?

If you finish a role or change areas of practice then you can use the ‘Year End’ field to enter the year that you changed roles, or areas of practice. You can then add a new entry for your new area of practice.

How do I enter multiple areas of practice?

To enter multiple areas of practice you simply use the + button to add as many areas of practice as you require.


Learning Goals and Outcomes
How do I enter my learning outcomes?

Your learning outcomes are linked to each of your learning goals. To enter a learning outcome for a particular learning goal, simply click the edit button next to that learning goal. A pop up will appear that allows you to enter a learning outcome for that learning goal. Repeat this process for each of your learning outcomes.

What is the Relevant Advanced APD Competency field?

This field has been included to allow you to start planning your journey to becoming an Advanced APD. Reflect on your learning goals and outcomes and determine if the CPD you have completed is contributing to you being able to meet the Advanced APD competencies. If this is the case, select the most relevant Advanced APD competency that undertaking the CPD associated with this learning goal relates to.

Logging CPD
How do I log my CPD online?

For step-by-step instructions on where and how to log CPD please see the How to log and edit CPD Factsheet. 

Am I required to upload evidence for my CPD activities?

No, it is not a mandatory requirement of the APD Program. We have provided a space to upload evidence for APDs that wish to do so, but you are not required to upload evidence if you do not want to.

How do I edit my CPD log?

For step-by-step instructions on how to edit your CPD log please see the How to log and edit CPD Factsheet.

The CPD Tracker is showing 30 hours even though I have only completed 29.5. Do I need to record my extra 30 minutes of CPD?

 Yes. While the CPD tracker displays to the nearest hour, 30 hours of Complimentary Professional Development is the minimum annual standard and you will be required to prove these hours if audited.


Do I need to enrol to participate in the Provisional Mentoring Program?  

All provisional APDs need to enrol in the Provisional Mentoring Program in the new system, no matter the time your program was commenced. This is to activate your Provisional APD Program in the new system which allows you to log your mentoring sessions and provide other documentation required. Discover a helpful step-by-step guide, designed to ensure all Provisional APD Program requirements are met.  

Do I need to log my Provisional Mentor meetings in the member portal to complete the program? 

Yes. All valid meetings are required to be logged in the Provisional Mentoring Log for them to count towards your Provisional APD program requirements. For meetings to be valid, they must: 

  • occur after the date you registered your mentor partnership on Share Plate
  • be a minimum of one-hour in duration
  • occur over 12 separate months 
Can Provisional Mentoring meetings contribute to my continued professional development (CPD)? 

Yes. Provisional Mentoring meetings can contribute to your CPD hours, which can be logged in the member portal as well. 

Can I include meetings that are not recorded in my Provisional Mentoring Log?  

No. All meetings must be recorded in the Provisional Mentoring Log to officially contribute to your Provisional APD Program requirements.  

What do I do if I have deleted my mentoring partnership?

If you have accidentally deleted your mentoring partnership that is OK. DA staff are unable to edit the mentoring relationship for you, all you need to do is send another request to your mentor.

What do I do if I cannot find my mentor?

There are multiple reasons you may not be able to find your mentor in the ‘Find a Mentor’ search, these include:

  • You mentor needs to be a current APD – please double check that your mentor is a member of DA in an APD eligible categoryYour mentor needs to have set up their mentor profile on Share Plate – please double check with your mentor that they have a mentor profile
  • Your mentor needs to have a current Start of Availability date – please double check with your mentor that they do not have a Start of Availability date that is in the future
  • Your mentor needs to have either no End of Availability date, or an End of Availability date that is in the future – please double check with your mentor that their End of Availability date has not already passed
  • Your mentor needs to have space to take on an extra mentor – please double check with your mentor that they are not already at their current maximum number of mentees, if they are they will need to edit their mentor profile to increase this If you have double checked all of these with your mentor and are still having trouble please contact the APD administrator on [email protected].

APD Certificate
I have renewed my membership and APD status for 2023, why does my APD certificate still say it expires 31 March 2023?

Renewals are accepted from 2 November 2022 to 2 February 2023. If you are on instalment payments your APD certificate expiry date will reflect your membership expiry date until next instalment has been processed.

Why can’t I access my APD certificate?

To access your APD certificate you need to be both an active financial APD and have made your APD declaration. An active financial APD means that you have paid your membership fee and selected a membership category that enables you to be an APD (full time, part time, seeking work/unpaid work, career break, parental leave, full time study, overseas, APD only). Your APD declaration confirms that you agree to meet the requirements of the APD program for the upcoming year, and that you have maintained your recency of practice. If you have not completed this declaration you will not be able to access your APD certificate. Please see the following factsheet which details how to provide your APD declaration.