LAttendees at the 2018 Dietitians Australia national conference

Lectures in Honour and eulogies

Lectures in Honour

Our Lecture in Honour recognises members who have made important contributions to our profession.

We invite a distinguished member to present the lecture at our annual national conference.

Lectures are usually given in memoriam. In some circumstances, prominent members receive the honour during retirement.

2022 - Dr Manny Noakes 'Achieving Impact'

Presented by Julie Dundon, Nutrition Professionals Australia

Read the Lecture in Honour of Dr Manny Noakes

2021 - 'What's possible'

Presented by Karen Inge


no presentation

2019 - Dr Ruth English AO

Presented by Professor Lauren Williams, Griffith University. 

2018 - Peter Williams FDAA OAM

Presented by Claire Hewat, Dietitians Australia.

Read the Lecture in Honour of Peter Williams FDAA

2017 - Shirley Murray

Presented by Julie Williams, Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania.

Read the Lecture in Honour of Shirley Murray. 

2016 - Fiona Cumming

Presented by Professor Helen Truby, Monash University. 

2015 - Nancy Hitchcock

Presented by Jane Scott, Curtin University.

Read the Lecture in Honour of Nancy Hitchcock.

2014 - Judith Walker OAM

Presented by Christina Stubbs, University of Sunshine Coast.

Read the Lecture in Honour of Judith Walker OAM.

2013 - Elizabeth (Bettie) Richardson OAM

Presented by Jennifer Hazelton, Food Standards Australia and New Zealand.

Read the Lecture in Honour of Elizabeth (Bettie) Richardson OAM. 

2011 - Karen Cashel

Presented by Anthea Magarey, Flinders University. 

2010 - Audrey Cahn

Presented by Caryl Nowson, Deakin University. 

2009 - Cheryl Rae

Presented by Dympna Leonard, Tropical Public Health Unit. 

Other Lectures in Honour

For details about Lectures in Honour presented before 2009 please contact us. 


Our eulogies honour the passing of prominent members of our Dietitians Australia.

We pay tribute to them and the contributions they made to the Dietetic profession.