Recommended resources

Dietitians Australia's RAP Working Group and members of the Indigenous Nutrition Interest Group have prepared this list of resources as a service to members. Members should apply their own discretion when using any of the listed resources. 



A guide to strengths-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communicationsDietitians Australia Indigenous Nutrition Interest Group

Dietetics and Nutrition with Indigenous Communities, Dietitians Australia Indigenous Nutrition Interest Group

Food and Health Communication Across Cultures, Menzies School of Health Research

Nutrition and physical activity, Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation 

Working together in Aboriginal health: a framework to guide health professional practiceAnnabelle M. Wilson , Janet Kelly, Michelle Jones, Kim O’Donnell, Sandra Wilson, Emma Tonkin and Anthea Magarey 

Dietetics and nutrition with Indigenous communities: A starting pointIndigenous Interest Group: Debbie Chen, Nicole Creaser, Robyn Delbridge, Rachael Jaenke, Steve Pratt, Tiffany Williams, Annabelle Wilson, Kaitlin Woods and Courtney Woolford 

Would I enjoy a career as a dietitian? Dietitians Australia

 Online Training and Webinars

Healthy Stories = Good Food, Monash University (June 2021). 

Online Cultural Capability Training Options for Dietitians Australia Staff and Members

Working with Indigenous communities competently, Dr Lisa Te Morenga

Cultural Determinants of Health, Centre for Healthcare Knowledge and Innovation



Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe

The Little Red Yellow Black Book, Bruce Pascoe

Binan Goonj - Bridging Cultures in Aboriginal Health,  Anne-Katrin Eckermann, Toni Dowd, Ena Chong

Cultural safety in practice, Kerry Taylor and Pauline Thompson Guerin

Essential Aboriginal Insights: A guide for anyone involved in closing gaps in Australia, Jolleen Hicks

Why Warriors Lie Down and Die: Djambatj Mala, by Richard Trudgen

Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia, Anita Heiss

Blood on The Wattle: 3rd Edition, Bruce Elder

Traditional Healers of Central Australia: Ngangkari, by Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara

The Australian Frontier Wars 1788-1838, John Connor

Welcome to Country: A Travel Guide to Indigenous Australia, Marcia Langton

My Place, Autobiography by Sally Morgan

Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World, Tyson Yunkaporta

The Politics of Suffering: Indigenous Australia and The End of the Liberal Consensus, Peter Sutton

Fire Country: How Indigenous Fire Management Could Help Save Australia,Victor Steffensen

The Colonial Fantasy: Why white Australia can't solve black problems, Sarah Maddison

Talkin' Up to the White Woman: Indigenous Women and Feminism, Aileen Moreton-Robinson

Treading Lightly: The Hidden Wisdom of the World's Oldest People, Karl Erik Sveiby and Tex Skuthorpe

Indigenous Australians and Health: The Wombat in the Room, Ronald Hampton and Maree Toomb

Me and White Supremacy. How to Recognise Your Privilege, Combat Racism and Change the World, Layla Saad


Applying strengths-based approaches to nutrition research and interventions in Australian Indigenous communities, Wendy Foley and Lisa Schubert, Journal of Critical Dietetics

Strong in the City: towards a strength‐based approach in Indigenous health promotion, Mark Brough and Chelsea Bond, Australian Health Promotion Association

Food and nutrition programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: an overview of systematic reviews, Jennifer Browne,Karen AdamsPetah Atkinson, Deborah Gleeson, Rick Hayes, Aust Health Rev

Growing Beyond Nutrition: How a Prison Garden Program Highlights the Potential of Shifting from Food Security to Food Sovereignty for Indigenous Peoples, Kelsey Timler, Colleen Varcoe, Helen Brown, International Journal of Indigenous health


Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet, providing the evidence base to inform practice and policy in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

Indigenous Allied Health Australialeads sector workforce development and support, to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

The Lowitja Institute

Croakey, social journalism important for the health and wellbeing of people, families, communities, societies and the environment

Koori Mail, national newspaper reporting on the issues that matter to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

 WellMob, social, emotional and cultural wellbeing resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 


Film and Documentary

 First Australians, SBS

First Footprints, ABC

Rabbit Proof Fence, Icon Film Distribution

The Final Quarter, Roadshow

The Australian DreamMadman VOD

 Putuparri and the Rainmakers, MadmanVOD

Beneath Clouds, Australian Film Finance Corporation

Charlie's Country, NBC Universal Australia

Our Generation, Our Generation Media 


Youtube and Podcast

Food Psych with Christy Harrison, on anti racism: episode #242, #243 and #244

Pretty for an Aboriginal, Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell

Decolonising Medical Education and Practice to Advance Indigenous Health, The Royal Australian College of Physicians

Cultural safety and Aboriginal health in mainstream health organisations, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

The Uluru Statement From The Heart - an idea whose time has come, Dean Parkin

The Value of Deep Listening - The Aboriginal Gift to the Nation, Judy Atkinson

The myth of Aboriginal stories being myths, Jacinta Koolmatrie

A real history of Aboriginal Australians, the first agriculturalists, Bruce Pascoe

The Art of Forgetting, Australians and their History, David Hunt

Australia, we need to talk, Cally Jetta

What Is It Like To Be Aboriginal?, Tui Raven

The solution to indigenous disadvantage, Kia Dowell

True Tracks: create a culture of innovation with Indigenous knowledge, Terri Janke

The case to recognise Indigenous knowledge as science, Albert Wiggan

Black women: tipping the balance, Michelle Deshong

Ask us anything: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, The University of Sydney

Systemic Racism: Australia's great white silence, Jonathan Sri

Aboriginal culture and history, Bruce Pascoe

Indigenous Disadvantage and Racism on Social Media Q&A, Briggs

The Stolen Generations, National Museum of Australia

Bringing them home: separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, Australian Human Rights Commission

Wellbeing - what Aboriginal people know?,  CULTURE

Not Racist But... Indigenous Australia and Racism, The Wheeler Centre

Understanding implicit bias contributes to anti-racism and promotes equity, The Health Quality and Safety Commission

Understanding and addressing implicit bias, The Health Quality and Safety Commission

A brief history of racism in healthcare, Harry Kretchmer

I can see clearly now, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

The Land Owns Us, Global Oneness Project

We Are Caretakers, Global Oneness Project

Oursness, Global Oneness Project  

My stolen childhood, and a life to rebuild, Sheila Humphries

Through the eyes of a Black Australian, Dion Devow

Indigenous Australia: What They Don't Teach You (Part 1), BuzzFeed News

Indigenous Australia: What They Don't Teach You (Part 2), BuzzFeed News

Indigenous Australia: What They Don't Teach You (Part 3), BuzzFeed News

Key reports and other news

The new National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan 2021–2031

Close the Gap Report 2020, Lowitja Institute

Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Services: Putting community driven, strengths-based approaches into practice, The Lowitja Institute

Defining the Indefinable: Descriptors of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' cultures and their links to health and wellbeing, The Lowitja Institute

Canada–AustraliaIndigenous Health and WellnessRacism: Working GroupDiscussion Paper and Literature Review, The Lowitja Institute

Racism Undermines Health, The Lowitja Institute

Deficit Discourse and Strengths-based Approaches: Changing the Narrative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Wellbeing, The Lowitja Institute

Deficit Discourse and Indigenous Health: How narrative framings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are reproduced in policy, The Lowitja Institute

Aboriginal Health and Well being Services, Putting community-driven, strengths-based approaches into practice, The Lowitja Institute

A Global Snapshot of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples' Health, The Lancet–Lowitja Institute Collaboration

Health Benefits of Going On-Country, The Lowitja Institute and The University of Queensland

Improving the culture of hospitals for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, The Lowitja Institute

Culture matters: using a cultural contexts of health approach to enhance policy-making, World Health Organisation

Cultural competency in the delivery of health services for Indigenous people, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and Australian Institute of Family Studies

Exploring Cultural Determinants of Health and Wellbeing, The Lowitja Institute 

Culture is an important determinant of health, Professor Ngiare Brown at National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Summit

Cultural Determinants Round table Melbourne, The Lowitja Institute

Cultural Determinants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Roundtable, The Lowitja Institute 

Links between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture and wellbeing: what the evidence says, Mayi Kuwayu

Socio-cultural determinants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

What works? A review of actions addressing the social and economic determinants of Indigenous health, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Australian Institute of Family Studies

Barriers and challenges mainstream practices face in delivering culturally targeted and responsive healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

A Review of 'Traditional' Aboriginal Beliefs, Patrick Maher

Changing the Conversation: Strengthening a rights-based holistic approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing, Hannah Neumayer

Aboriginal Health, Cultural Safety and Medical Education, Associate Professor Gregory Phillips

Accreditation to Address Racism, Associate Professor Gregory Phillips 

Study finds 75 per cent of people have implicit bias against Indigenous Australian,  ABC