Complimentary sneak peek of our new website to conference attendees

In the coming months we will launch the new face of Dietitians Australia. A website that reinforces the good work dietitians do and showcases our important work to members of the public. We are inviting all conference attendees to a special reveal on Tuesday 13 July 2021, to see the new website. Tune in to see our CEO, Robert Hunt reveal some of its exciting new features. 

Our new website represents our strategic shift to a national voice for dietetics. It will highlight the value of dietitians, the important work of our profession, and the importance of evidence-based nutrition advice. 

Some of its new features include:

a new and improved find an APD form
updated health advice content, developed in conjunction with our Interest Groups
a new tagging system that will make it easier for users to find content
a clean, easy to navigate and contemporary design

The website will also be fully compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility criteria. This means it will be readable through assistive technology. We are confident that this website will go a long way to improving awareness of the work we do, the impact that dietitians make in our community, and reflect our growing influence in areas of advocacy and policy. The website will still be at, you won’t need to change any bookmarks as we will set up redirects so that you get to the right destination! 

User research

When rebuilding or enhancing digital assets it’s important to remember who your users are. Many organisations don't conduct user research before they begin building a website. This means the website doesn’t meet the needs its users. All websites should be structured in a way that is easy to understand and content should be written according to plain English readability standards. To ensure we meet the needs of our users, and structure the website accordingly we began a user research phase in 2020. 

User research helps us determine who our users are, what they want from the website, and how we can deliver the best experience possible. 

Our user research phase included:

reviewing 40 documents
meeting with 15 staff and Board members
reviewing 1200 URLs (website pages)
analysing 3 months of internal site search terms
interviewing 11 website users
surveying 207 website users

From the data, we created four user personas. A persona is a communication tool used to illustrate the different types of website users. Personas draw out user needs, motivations, expectations, goals, values, and environmental factors. 
This data was used to design our menu structure, also known as the information architecture. With consultation from our interest groups and staff, we began to rewrite all existing content to align with best practice and user needs. 

Website reveal

We know that our members are keen to see our new website and as a thank you for attending our conference, all attendees can watch a presentation on Tuesday 13 July 2021. During this session, our CEO Robert Hunt will talk you through some of the main features of our new public website and what they mean for our profession. 

If you have not registered, visit our conference website and register now.