Visit the official Dietitians Week webpage (for non dietitians) and share with your networks to spread awareness.




Monday 21 March – Sunday 27 March  

Dietitians Week is our annual opportunity to promote and distinguish Accredited Practising Dietitians as go-to nutrition specialists.

In its 2nd year, Dietitians Week explored the role dietitians play by improving and transforming lives. 


The voice of dietitians 

Use your own unique dietitian voice to help shape the #DietitiansImproveLives narrative beyond Dietitians Week.  

  • Share how proud you are to better lives as a dietitian

  • Spread awareness about the value of dietitians and the many roles they play. 

  • Encourage your loved ones to put their health first. Teach them how a dietitian can help, and connect them to Dietitians Australia’s Find a Dietitian tool.

  • Educate your audiences and highlight the special ways dietitians work to improve health and well being –  share Dietitians Australia's health advice pages, designed by dietitians. 

  • .Make sure the APD logo is prominently displayed in your work setting. Distinguish yourself with our credential and take pride in being an APD.

You are the great voice of our APD community.