Biochemistry Foundations for Dietitians 22-23

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The Centre for Advanced Learning (CAL) is excited to bring you the 'Biochemistry Foundations for Dietitians' Evergreen course. Over a main module and several toolkits, the course provides information, resources, recommended reading and case studies to enhance your active learning experience. 

Audience:  Dietitians with 1-3 years' experience in practice. This course can also be used as a refresher if you are returning to practice within this area. 

Course overview: This course consists of 1 module and 3 toolkits. We have redesigned our course structure to provide you more flexibility in your registration options. For this course, you can choose to register for the whole course at once, OR you can choose to register for the individual module/toolkit(s) that are relevant to you.

Course learning outcomes: 

  • Explain what happens to the principal nutrients in food once consumed 
  • Describe the main pathways involved in energy metabolism and the shift in metabolism observed with feasting and fasting 
  • Discuss the role of biochemical tests in nutrition assessment and be able to recognise common diagnostic tests used in Australia 
  • Explain the impact of various dietary patterns on biochemical and metabolic parameters 
  • Use biochemical tests (along with other relevant information), to inform and provide evidence-based and practical nutrition and education advice 

Access to the course: new registrants will be uploaded to the Learning Management System (LMS) within 1 week of registering online. Once you have been uploaded to the LMS, you will have ongoing access for 12 months to the course and associated materials. 

Check the course website for more information. 

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