Home Enteral Nutrition for Dietitians 22-23

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The Centre for Advanced Learning (CAL) is excited to bring you the 'Home Enteral Nutrition for Dietitians' Evergreen course. Over 2 modules, the course provides information, resources, recommended reading and case studies to enhance your active learning experience. 

Audience:  Dietitians who are new to, or have some experience with, home enteral nutrition for adults living with a feeding tube in the community and/or, dietitians returning to practice and in need of a ‘refresher’

Course overview: This course consists of 2 modules. We have redesigned our course structure to provide you more flexibility in your registration options. For this course, you can choose to register for the whole course at once, OR you can choose to register for the individual module/toolkit(s) that are relevant to you.

Course learning outcomes:  

  • To grasp an understanding of the different types of feeding tubes, as well as their insertion and removal methods, features and basic troubleshooting techniques 
  • To be able to describe the nutritional assessment of a home tube fed adults including different formula possibilities, as well as understanding the importance of quality of life assessments and social considerations in long term enteral nutrition

About the Educators: 

Lina Breik is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian with over a decade of clinical nutrition experience in various hospitals in Victoria. She currently serves as the Founding Lead of Tube Dietitian, a community-based home enteral nutrition service that strives to ensure a seamless transition between hospital and home care for adults with feeding tubes. Lina's innovative approach to home tube feeding considers the social and emotional aspects of nutrition through a tube, aiming to humanise the experience and provide personalised nutrition support and education that enhances the quality of life for her clients. She demonstrates her commitment to this cause through her pursuit of a PhD, which examines the experiences and challenges faced by adults living with feeding tubes. In addition, Lina is passionate about empowering fellow dietitians to confidently manage people with home feeding tubes. By understanding the fundamentals of a feeding tube and reconigising that nutrition through a tube is no different from that through the mouth, community dietitians can overcome their fears and take leadership in this area of dietetics. As experts in food and feeding, Lina believes that dietitians are well-positioned to guide someone with a feeding tube most effectively. 

Joanne D'Cruz is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years-experience in acute surgical, disability, paediatric palliative care and enteral feeding specialties. In her current role she is responsible for providing education and support to enterally fed patients both on discharge from hospital and in the community setting. This clinical advice and support is offered to patients and their carers providing them with expertise in feeding tube care, stoma site care and management, and community PEG tube changes. Jo is passionate about optimizing patient outcomes and supporting both patients/carers and healthcare professionals in this specialized area of nutrition

Claire Kariya is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician based in Vancouver, Canada. Since 2005, Claire has been working with tube fed patients in her role as a clinical dietitian at Vancouver General Hospital. She has a special interest in the use of blended food for tube feeding in acute care and community care settings. She has been instrumental in developing blenderized tube feeding resources and practice guidelines for use across her health care region. Claire also has a blenderized tube feeding private practice and resource website, Natural Tube Feeding, where her tube feeding recipes and patient-focused online course are available. In addition to her clinical practice, Claire also teaches dietetic students at the University of British Columbia and conducts blenderized tube feeding research.

Access to the course: new registrants will be uploaded to the Learning Management System (LMS) on within 7 days of registering online. Once you have been uploaded to the LMS, you will have ongoing access for 12 months to the course and associated materials. 

Check the course website for more information. 

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