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You can join Dietitians Australia online, or pay your membership renewal fees from your member dashboard

Membership of Dietitians Australia is membership of the Dietitians Association of Australia. All fees will be paid to, and all benefits received from, the Dietitians Association of Australia.

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Membership fees

To be a member of Dietitians Australia, you must be a qualified dietitian or a dietetics student studying an accredited course

Membership fees are:

  • paid on an annual basis (January - December) 
  • paid in full (12 months) or instalment* (4 payments) and
  • non-refundable (unless Parental Leave is undertaken)

Our membership year runs annually from 1 January to 31 December. As a full member, the fee you pay reflects your current employment status. This means you pay less if you are not working full-time hours.

*Instalment payments are only available to full members.

Note: If you join or reinstate your membership after 1 July, you may be eligible to receive a pro-rata membership discount. See 'Pro-rata fees for part year membership' below.

Paying your fees 

Membership key dates


 Instalment payment terms and conditions



Pro-rata fees for part year membership

If you join Dietitians Australia or reinstate after 1 July, you may be eligible to receive a pro-rata membership discount. 

This discount applies to:

  • New members
  • Resigned members
  • Deferred/lapsed members*


*Members who were active in the previous year and lapsed in the current year are not eligible for pro-rata membership, unless compassionate grounds can be demonstrated. The full annual fee is payable by these members, plus a $55.00 reinstatement fee.

There is no pay by instalment option for pro-rata fees.

Fee policy

For further information about our fees see our fee policy


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