Frequently asked questions

Who are the Evergreen courses for?

Each course will specify the target audience on the registration page.


How long will I have access to an Evergreen course?

You have access to the Evergreen course for 12 months from the date you were enrolled. After this time has expired, you will not be able to view any of the material.

We recommend that you download any materials you would like to keep as soon as you have finished the course.


What is the difference between a full course and the individual module purchase options?

All of the Evergreen courses contain multiple modules within the whole course. If you choose to register for the full course, you will receive access to all modules within that course, as well as receive a Professional Certificate upon completion.

We also offer individual module purchase options for APDs who are interested specific sections of the overall course. This may be useful for APDs who have specific needs or interests within the overall course content.

There is a discount applied to full course registration. This discount varies depending on the course; however, it will always ensure that the total price of the full course registration is lower than the total price of purchasing all modules within the course individually.


I’ve registered for the full course. Do I need to complete the course in any order?

All Evergreen courses are self-paced, which means you can do as little as you like or as much as you like at any given time. If you have registered for a full course, it is recommended that you start at Module 1 and then progress through sequentially.


Do I receive a Professional Certificate?

If you have registered for a full course, you will receive a Professional Certificate once you have completed all course content. This certificate will be downloadable from the Learning Portal.

If you have registered for an individual module of a course, you will not receive a Professional Certificate upon completion of the course. However, you may still log the individual module in your CPD log.


How do I log CPD hours for an Evergreen course?

You will need to manually log this course in your CPD log. You can do this by logging into the Dietitians Australia member portal. For more information on how to manually add CPD to your logs, please see the How to Log Your CPD section of the APD Handbook.


I think this course will take me longer than the prescribed number of hours. Can I log more hours?

Yes, you may log more than the prescribed number of hours for an Evergreen course. The prescribed number of hours is a guide only, and you may log the number of hours that best reflects the time it took you to complete the course or module(s).


Are the courses peer-reviewed?

All Centre for Advanced Learning courses undergo peer-review as part of the course development process. Courses also undergo a review process every 3 years to update content with the latest evidence.


How do I purchase an Evergreen course(s)?

Evergreen courses can be purchased from the Education Centre Catalogue, on the Dietitians Australia member portal under the Learning tab drop-down. From this page, you can see all the courses that are available and add them to your cart.


Are there terms and conditions that I should read before purchasing an Evergreen course?

Yes. You can view these on the Education Centre Terms and Conditions page on the member portal.


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