Toward Environmentally Sustainable Food Service

Toward Environmentally Sustainable Food Service
Toward Environmentally Sustainable Food Service: WHAT can we do and HOW can we do it?

This webinar is brought to you by the DA Food and Environment Interest Group (2020).

Dietitians have an important role in moving us toward a sustainable food system. This webinar will focus on the provision of food in food businesses and food service settings. Churchill Fellowship recipient and DA 2019 Young Achiever award recipient Dr. Jorja Collins will share some inspiring examples of 'WHAT' can be done. She will bring local and international sustainability initiatives to life with examples of hospitals that have succeeded in reducing their food service impact. Dr. Kristen MacKenzie-Shalders, who has led a range of sustainability-related research and projects and chairs her faculty environmental sustainability committee, will share examples, insights and lessons on 'HOW' dietitians can create positive change in food service.

Even if you don't work in food service, this webinar will offer practical sustainability principles which can be applied more broadly to food business or can be implemented in your home and workplace and equip you with strategies to be a change champion and emerging leader wherever you work. As dietitians, we can create a better food future.

Learning Objectives:

- Describe key environmental sustainability principles that can be applied to institutional food services and more broadly to food business.
- Cite real life local and international examples of how these principles have been implemented.
- Explain the impact of environmental sustainability interventions and barriers to their effectiveness.
- Apply the principles of food citizenship and successful organisational change toward more sustainable food provision.


Dr. Jorja Collins is an Advanced Accredited Practicing Dietitian who works as a lecturer in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food at Monash University and as a food service dietitian at Eastern Health. Jorja's current research focuses on the environmental sustainability of hospital foodservice, and she has established herself as a national leader in this space. She supervises four PhD and MPhil students completing research on this topic. She was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2019 to travel to the US and visit hospitals leading the way in environmentally sustainable foodservice.

Dr. Kristen MacKenzie-Shalders' experience spans ~15 years across several areas including education, food service management, sports, research, private practice, and food industry consulting. In recent years, Kristen is increasingly focused on not 'what' people eat by 'why' people eat the way they do within the broader context of food systems and food citizenship. Kristen has transitioned her personal passion for environmental sustainability into her professional career and is now acting as an advisor and collaborator in environmental sustainability to several groups including as Chair of the Bond University Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine Sustainability Committee and as a committee member for Dietitians Australia's Food and Environment Interest Group. Kristen has championed student projects, education, and interventions in environmental sustainability in organisations and foodservices and driven curriculum and organisational change centred on the Sustainable Development Goals. Kristen has recently contributed to textbook chapters and a consensus statement o health professional education on environmental sustainability and planetary health.
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