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Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition (PEN)TM

Global resource library

The PEN system is a global library of evidence-based resources developed by Dietitians of Canada, with Dietitians Australia and the British Dietetic Association as global partners. It's a powerful database where you'll find answers to your dietetic questions.

Use the PEN system to find:

  • practice guidance toolkits
  • calculators and tools
  • client handouts
  • emerging evidence
  • evidence summaries
  • international guidelines
  • nutrition research
  • trending topics

PEN helps busy dietitians keep up to date with credible evidence to use in their practice.

Member access

You can use the PEN system for free as part of membership benefits if you're a full member eligible for Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) status.

Members in other categories can purchase access to PEN from our shop. 

Accessing your PEN account

To access the PEN system for the first time:

If you have problems with your PEN account, contact us at [email protected]

Access PEN

Student access

Most universities use the PEN system as a dietetic learning tool. Check with your university for access.

Using PEN

The PEN system covers many areas of practice in a series of knowledge pathways.

More than 100 knowledge pathways are available for:

  • population health and life cycle considerations
  • health condition and disease
  • food and nutrients
  • professional practice

To learn how to use the PEN system, watch these tours and video tutorials.

Contributing to PEN

Here's how you can contribute to the PEN knowledge database:

Before you start work on new PEN content, contact us at [email protected] 

We'll check to see if your topic is already in progress.

Authors and reviewers

Learn how to write or review PEN content:

Relevant in Australia

PEN resources are relevant to dietitians working in Australia and New Zealand because:

  • the PEN system draws on global nutrition evidence
  • our members can contribute or review PEN content
  • the PEN system links to Australian and New Zealand resources
  • you can use local language keywords to search the PEN database